What Does A Food Handlers Card Do?

What Does A Food Handlers Card Do?

No matter where you are in the world, food safety is paramount in the foodservice industry. Commonplace oversights while handling food can easily result in foodborne diseases. For this reason, business owners in the foodservice industry should ensure that all employees handling food should have the proper food handling credentials.

What is a Food Handlers Card?

Also known as food handlers permit, a food handlers card certifies that you have completed the approved food safety course in your county or state. In a nutshell, food handlers or employees work with unpackaged foods, food processing equipment, and any food contact surfaces. To get a food handlers card, you will have to pass a food handler exam after attending the course.

After completing the approved training course, food handlers get a certificate or diploma showing they have the required level of expertise in food safety.

What is a Food Handlers Permit For?

food handler’s permit or card entitles the holder to handle food safely for themselves and the consumers. The law requires that a prospective food handler take a food handling course from a state-approved institution. It includes government-approved private institutions, public bodies, or the institution you work for, to name a few.

All employees handling food must have a food handler permit for many reasons. For instance, if food poisoning occurs, a routine inspection, or other eventualities, your company could be held liable.

It would expose the organization to hefty penalties and fines.

Who Should Have A Food Handlers Permit?

In the event of a random health inspection of your facility, you will have one less thing to worry about. It is in the best interest of your food establishment that all your employees have food handlers permit. That will show your commitment to food safety and compliance with the legal health code.

If you want to keep it minimal, ensure that all employees who handle food directly have a food handler card. It includes employees such as line cooks, prep cooks, and bartenders, to name a few. Also, there is a food protection manager certification for employees in managerial positions.

Yet, laws regarding food handling vary in different states and counties. Most states require the full-time presence of at least one qualified food handler on-site. On the other hand, in other states such as Utah, the laws are different. Here, all employees in the foodservice industry are legally required to have a food handlers permit.

What do you Learn in the Food Handler Training?

The food handler test can be challenging depending on your level of experience working in a commercial kitchen. Some of the questions posed may concern common food safety, such as washing your hands. On the other hand, others might be quite challenging. For instance, you might have to answer questions about the cooking temperatures for various foods recommended by the FDA.

All you have to do is be attentive during the training. Do this not just to pass the food handler test but also to gain useful food safety skills and tips.

Food Handlers Permit in Utah

As of 2019, statistics show that over 110,000 citizens of Utah worked in the food industry. That is about seven percent of Utahn’s working population. Yet, the law requires that all of them should have valid food handlers permits.

According to the state laws, you should complete the food handler training within 14 days from the date of your employment. That is a requirement for all workers handling food in the state of Utah, even if the setup is temporary, like a food truck. Also, you should take the food handler training within seven days of your certification’s expiry if you want to renew your food handlers permit.

However, you do not need a food handlers card if you hold the abovementioned food manager certification or a back-country food handlers permit.

Getting a Utah Food Handlers Permit

As in most states in the U.S., there are two ways you can get a food handlers permit in Utah. These include:

Taking an Online Course

Online classes offer more flexibility and convenience when aiming to get a food handler’s permit. You do not have to commute, and it fits perfectly with your schedule. Several reliable companies, such as Easy Food Handlers, make getting a food handler’s permit easy. Such companies have to be state-approved for your permit to be acceptable.

Additionally, online classes are easy to register for and quite affordable. You will get a temporary certificate that you can print out. The advantage is that you can do it all from the comfort of your home. The local health department in Utah will mail you the actual food handler permit. That will take no more than 30 days from the completion of your food handler test.

In-Person Training

As the name suggests, you will have to take the food handler training in person. That means you will have to commute to and from the class. You will also have to learn from an instructor face-to-face and on scheduled dates and times.

Whichever option you go for, ensure the appropriate Utah state department legally approves the training service provider.

Just like most states, there are specific requirements that the state of Utah has. You can visit its official government website to get a list of authorized training providers.

Also, the state of Utah charges a small health department fee. It is to cover the cost of mailing your official food handler permit.

Utah Food Handler Permit

For every person working in the food industry, having valid food handlers permit is paramount. For instance, if you live in Utah, you do not have to keep undergoing training when moving from Davis County to Salt Lake County if you have a food handler permit.

To learn more about food handlers cards or take a food handlers test, visit Easy Food Handlers at our office in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can also email us at questions@easyfoodhandlers.com for any inquiries.

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