Anyone working in the food industry; whether you’re a cook, wait staff,  dishwasher or anyone who works with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, you need to have a valid Food Handlers Permit.

This course is approved by the Utah Department of Health and is recognized statewide.

A person working in a food establishment is prohibited from handling any food until after they have received a valid Food Handlers Permit. This online class will provide a temporary permit that you may print out and use for 30 days. By then, the County in which you live, will send you your permanent card that is good for 3 years.

Upon passing the exam you will obtain your Certificate of Completion and a temporary Food Handlers Permit, enabling you to begin working immediately.

Your certificate of completion is valid for 30 days from the issuance date.

Within 30 days of completion, you will receive an official blue Utah Food Handlers card in the mail from your local health department (excluding Tooele County, which needs to be picked up in person). If you do not receive your card within 30 days, please contact your local health department.

Your Food Handlers Permit is valid for three years from the issuance date and must be renewed before the expiration date.

If your card is expired, you will need to retake the training and pass the exam.

The video is 1 hour and 15 minutes. You have exactly 1 hour to take the test of 40 random questions afterwards.

You need to score 75% or above to pass the test. You have three tries to pass before having to re-take the course.

You have three tries after watching the video to score at least a 75% on the test. If you fail three times, you must re-purchase the course to watch the video again to be able to re-take the test.

Yes. You may start and stop the video throughout and have one week to complete watching it. Please note: if you stop in the middle of a section, you will resume at the beginning of that section. However, once you start taking the test, you are timed out after one hour. If you did not finish the test or did not achieve a score of 75%, you have two more tries to pass the test.

Utah Food Handler Permit