Please contact Easy Food Handlers with any other questions about how we can help you obtain your Food Handlers Permit.

Customer Service, Live Food Handlers Class or ServSafe

Text/call: 435-631-9942

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Text/call: 435-631-9942

Lost Permits

Contact your local county health department if you have lost your Food Handlers Permit. There may be a small replacement fee required by the county. Click here for a list of contact telephone numbers.

Undelivered Permits

Your permit should arrive within 30 days after you’ve successfully passed the test from your county health department. If you have not received it, the address you have submitted may be wrong. Call the health department directly to see if it was returned and provide an updated address, or complete the form and we will help you track your permit.

**Please make certain your temporary permit says Easy Food Handlers, as there are many different providers who offer online classes. Due to confidentiality laws, we can only assist those who took the class from Easy Food Handlers.

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