How to Get a Food Handlers Permit in Utah?

How to Get a Food Handlers Permit in Utah?

Did you know that Utah is one of the few states with over 7% of the active population working in the food industry? If you intend on joining this growing workforce, you will need a food handler permit issued by a Utah state-approved training provider. 

Who is required to possess a food handler’s permit?

Anyone working in the food industry; whether you’re a cook, wait staff, dishwasher, or anyone who works with unpackaged food, food equipment, or utensils, needs to have a valid Food Handlers Permit.

Utah’s food law requires food workers to complete food handlers training within 14-days of hire and expired food handlers cards must be renewed within 7-days of expiration, you will need to retake the training and pass the exam.  

How do I get a food handler permit in Utah as a new worker?

The food handlers permit will be issued after receiving the training and successfully passing the test. The training can be received in two ways; through an in-person class or by completing an online course.

Attend an in-person class: This option requires you to travel to a designated location and learn face-to-face with an approved instructor. This option is limited in Utah’ however, Easy Food Handlers does live classes for 10 or more people at your establishment.  If you are interested contact Easy Food Handlers at 435-631-9942. 

Take an online course: This option is more flexible and allows you to customize your schedule appropriately. Easy Food Handlers offers an online food handler certification course that is approved in Utah and is available 24/7

Upon passing the exam you will obtain your certificate of completion and a temporary food handlers permit. The temporary permit may be printed and used for 30 days. Your local County Health Department will send you your permanent blue card in the mail and that is good for 3 years.

How do I renew my permit as an existing food handler worker in Utah?

As mentioned above, an expired food handlers card must be renewed within 7-days of expiration, you will need to retake the training and pass the exam. Before retaking the test, please be sure the address we have on file for you is correct so you get your 3-year permit mailed to the correct location.

How do I pass the test?

You need to score 75 % or above to pass the test. You have three tries to pass before having to re-take the course. The class will provide all the information required to successfully pass the test.

Can You Change Jobs After You Get Your Food Handlers Permit?

Did you know your food handlers permit is valid across the State of Utah? You can use your Utah Food Handlers Permit anywhere in Utah.   

Even if you switch from one role to another, your food handlers permit is valid, you do not need to take additional classes or tests. 

However, there is an exception, each establishment is required to have one Certified Food Protection Manager

This is an 8-hour class where you will receive additional information about food safety. Easy Food Handlers offers Saturday and Monday classes in English and Spanish. Visit the EFH website for additional information. 


It’s simple to obtain your Utah food handlers certification with Easy Food Handlers.

Easy Food Handlers is a Utah-based company and has the best online class with real-life restaurant examples along with entertaining instructors and only takes 75-minutes, other online classes can take up to 4-hours.   If you use the discount code BLG10 the class will only be $22.50

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