How to Become A Food Handler in Utah

How to Become A Food Handler in Utah

Throughout Utah and across the United States, millions of people are working in restaurants, serving people the food and drinks that they are craving. As with other locations throughout the country, those who want to work in a food service establishment need to have official food handlers permit from the state.

A Utah food handler permit gives restaurant-goers peace of mind knowing that the individuals cooking and serving their food (or even working around the food, such as bussers) are trained and certified. 

Food handler training is an integral part of the foodservice industry. It is important that each member of a restaurant’s staff has undergone and passed food safety training approved by the local health department.

Food Handler Permit

What Is Required by Utah State Law and the Local Health Department?

According to Utah State Law, anyone who works with or around food in the state must have valid food handlers permit within 14 days of starting the job. That includes those working at temporary establishments, such as an event booth. If you have a food manager certification, you do not need the food handlers permit.

Get A Utah Food Handlers Permit

Food handlers permits are a requirement, and any restaurant that does not follow this rule may face fines and the potential for closure. There are a few steps in getting official Utah food handlers permit. You must complete the food handler training course (either in-person or online training) and then pass the test from the health department.

Complete the Food Handler Training Course

At Easy Food Handlers, we offer a 75-minute course that will end with the Utah food handlers test. We are a state-approved provider who can offer the ability to get food handler permits to those who need them. Our class is fun and easy, making the learning process simpler. With real photos and real-world scenarios, the class is interesting and useful.

The online training course will cover topics including food safety, food contact surfaces, best practices in the food industry, dealing with unpackaged food, foodborne illnesses, and much more dealing with handling food! When you complete our training and pass the final exam, you will have a valid food handler card.


food handler permit

Throughout our online training course, you will be asked relevant questions to ensure that you understand the material before you take the final exam. After the video has concluded, you will be given a 40-minute test, and a score of 75% or better is passing. That means you will have a temporary certificate until your permanent, state-approved permit arrives.

In less than 90 minutes from start to finish, you will have your Utah food handlers permit and be employable by any restaurant because your official permit is valid statewide.

Pass the Utah Department of Health Food Handlers Test

Everyone who works in the foodservice industry must have a valid food handler certificate. The state put the test to ensure that food workers at each approved food establishment have the health department’s training and credentials to deal with restaurant-goers’ food.

When you take the test from Easy Food Handlers, we will collect the health department fee, used for creating and mailing out your Utah food handlers permit. That way, you can focus on the training and exam rather than the fees.

Renew Your Food Handlers Permit

Every Utah food handler permit is good for 3 years, and you can change jobs without having to change the permit or take the exam again. If you leave the state, your Utah food handler permit will not be valid in the new state in which you reside.

After 3 years, you will need to purchase the course from a training provider again and pass the exam. Once you pass, you will receive your temporary certificate and your official permit within 30 days. This renewal must be completed within 7 days of your current permit’s expiration date.

Take the Food Safety Manager Certification

If you happen to get promoted at the restaurant or food establishment, you may need to take another course to become a certified food safety manager. It is a separate course with another exam, so you should ask a supervisor what those training requirements are and how to get your certification.

Contact Us to Get A Food Handlers Permit in Utah

If you are working in the foodservice industry or would like to get a job as a food handler, your first step is to take the food handler training and then acquire your permit. In Salt Lake City and all other cities in Utah, it is a requirement to get a permit from a state-approved training provider such as Easy Food Handlers.

At Easy Food Handlers, we know that it is of the utmost importance for those in the foodservice industry to have the proper training and credentials before serving food to the public. That is why we have developed an excellent food handler permit training course that you can access online.

We are also well aware that time is precious, and those starting a job in the food industry do not have much time to spare. Our video is 75 minutes, tests you along the way in preparation for the major final exam, and allows you to get the test done, all within 90 minutes.

Food Handler Permit

Once you have completed our course and the exam, you will be ready for any job in the food service industry.

To learn more about getting a food handler permit in the state of Utah or why Easy Food Handlers is the right state-approved company to entrust with your future in the foodservice industry, contact us today.

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