Food Handlers Permit on My Resume

Should I Put My Food Handlers Permit on My Resume or CV?

It’s a pretty common question, the answers to which aren’t readily available. While handling food professionally, rules of employment state that the candidate should be a holder of valid food handlers permit and it never mentions the need to mention it in the resume or CV. In a nutshell, yes! You should put your food handlers permit on your resume or CV. The reason for doing so lies behind comprehending the food handlers permit and what it symbolizes.


Significance of a Food Handlers Permit


Challenges of handling food professionally


Food handlers are required to work in direct contact with unpackaged food. Their duties involve activities such as preparing the food, handling food equipment. Adding sugar to the confectionery, packaging food in factories, serving the prepared food to the customers, and likewise. 

Cooking food is a complex activity where you need to follow various processes & precautions. While preparing the food yourself, you are in charge of ensuring that any disease-causing microorganisms don’t enter or spread in the food, you will soon be serving. If the food isn’t properly cooked to the correct temperature. There are high chances that the microorganisms in the food can multiply quickly and contaminate the food. Anyone eating the contaminated food may develop a foodborne illness. To keep yourself and others safe. It is vital to cook certain foods at a specific temperature to kill harmful bacteria or viruses. While handling food professionally, it is vital to maintain the internal temperature above 160oF to avoid contamination. Any error could lead to an epidemic. 


How food handlers permit makes a difference


Hence, it is important for those working in the food industry to undergo rigorous training that teaches them the nuances of handling food professionally. The food handler permit/card is a certificate that is awarded on training completion and is mandatory to work in the food industry. It’s applicable to employees who are engaged in the food preparations, storage, or service of food in a food establishment. 

The holder has to clear an examination that analyses the knowledge about the different aspects of handling food in a professional manner. The holder has to score a minimum of 75% to gain the certificate which is provided on behalf of the state health authority. A copy of the permit is made available for the local health department where the food handler is employed in order to avoid any kind of deception. 


What is covered in a Food Handlers Training?


A food handler course covers the following aspects: 

  • How to handle food professionally?
  • How to store cooked & pre-cooked food in a safe manner? 
  • Understanding different allergies relevant to food. 
  • Understanding the significance to maintain a hygienic & contamination-free environment. 


The permit denotes that the holder has availed the training and is applying the knowledge into practice, while working in a food establishment or an institute related to the food industry. The skills acquired in the course: 

  • Expertise in food safety: Food handlers are required to be well-versed & have some awareness about food preparation in order to contribute to large-scale food handling & preparations. Prevention of spoilage & other food contamination. 
  • Attention to details: Cleanliness is an essential aspect & a strenuous task during food preparation. Food handlers are expected to follow best practices of understanding cleaning sanitisation for workplace safety and cleanliness. 
  • Physical endurance: The food handlers must have the proficiency to lift weights and to work in a standing position, as they may need to perform repetitive tasks. Certain tasks may require high levels of stamina. 
  • Teamwork: Food handlers are required to work with groups of other food preparation workers, & should be able to perform team collaboration and communication, as is the ability to report issues to supervisors as and when required. 


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Food handling rules in Utah


A permit states that a food employee has undergone a training course from an approved provider in vital aspects of handling food in a safe manner. 

As per rule R392-103 of the Utah Administrative Code. All food handlers are required to obtain a permit from any recognized training provider. To note, in dynamic scenarios wherein modern techniques are discovered along with new types of germs and bacteria. It is necessary for the food handler to remain updated with current trends. Hence, there’s a limited validity of 3 years from the date the permit is issued.


How a Food Handlers Permit is revered in the food industry?


Professional certifications or permits that provide value to the field you are currently applying for. What may draw the attention of your prospective employer?. Food handlers permit included on a resume will provide evidence of your suitability for the position you are applying for, especially when it is mandatory. It’s a powerful aspect that indicates a passion for working in the industry and the attention to customers’ health & safety. 


How a Food Handlers Permit opens up the door of opportunity outside the food industry?


The workplaces are transforming rapidly and the demand for new-age skills is rising steadily too. During the recruitment process, potential employers seek the answer to a single but vital question: “how much value can the individual bring to the organization?”  By building the skills mentioned earlier, a food handler permit can be helpful in making your candidacy stand out in your prospective job. 


Wrapping Up


As evident from the points mentioned here, adding the Food handlers permit on your resume. Not only helps you secure your position in an establishment associated with food production, preparation, storage, or handling. Even if you don’t choose to pursue a career in food handling, the training can help you see food in different ways when handling it at home. 

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