Where Can I get a Food Handlers Permit in Utah?

Working in the food industry is just like driving a vehicle; it is exciting and comes with its challenges. Anyone can drive a vehicle, but you need a valid state-issued driving license that certifies you have enough knowledge to drive your vehicle in the U.S. The reason behind this mandate is that while driving a vehicle, you need to keep a note of all the traffic rules, and failure to do so can pose a threat to your health as well as others. On inspection, failure to show a valid driving license can attract hefty fines and impounding the vehicle.

Similarly, working in the food industry at any stage, right from production, procurement, processing of the ingredients to preparation or serving the food, care needs to be taken for contamination that can pose health risks. So, only certified professionals must work in the food industry, or those working in the food industry need to be a holder of a professional food handler permit. Failure to show a valid permit can attract hefty fines and the restaurant being closed out forever. 

Since you landed here while searching for ways to get food handlers permit in Utah, we shall list them out.


What makes a food permit holder certified to handle food professionally?


While handling food professionally, it is very important to take care of the internal temperature, possible allergens, food chemistry and avoid contamination. Any slip-up can make the food toxic and lead to an epidemic. To avail food handler permit, the holder has to pass an examination that tests the knowledge about different aspects of handling food professionally. Only after scoring at least 75%, the permit provider can award the certificate on behalf of the state health authority. To avoid any kind of foul play, a copy of the permit is sent to the local health department where the food handler is employed. 

Hence, a food handler permit is an indication that the holder has undergone the necessary training and is putting the knowledge about professional food handling into practice while working in a restaurant or any institute related to the food industry. 


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How can I get food handlers to permit in Utah?


The food handler permit can be easily availed before working in a restaurant. Many restaurants and institutes run their academy where you can attend a food handler course where they undergo training about:

  • Handling food professionally
  • Storing cooked and pre-cooked food safely.
  • Being aware of different food-related allergies
  • Importance of maintaining a contamination-free environment

On the completion of training, you need to appear for an examination that questions you on the topics learned in training. On passing, the institute issues a temporary permit that entitles you to start working from then on. The permanent permit is mailed to your address within 30 days of clearing the exam. Depending on the state you are applying from, the validity of the food handlers permit can vary from 3-4 years. 

The limited validity of a food handlers permit is due to an ever-changing scenario where new types of pathogens and new methods of food safety are being discovered. It becomes important for the holder to remain up-to-date with the changes. 


Where can I get a food handlers permit in Utah?


With the recent pandemic, new ways of getting your food handlers permit are available. You can register an account with Easy Food Handlers and attend online training sessions by industry leaders. In the 75 minute video, all the information regarding food preparation, serving, and handling food in a food service establishment is provided that you can watch in multiple sessions. At the completion of the video, you have three attempts to clear the exam within one week of watching the video. On passing with 75%, you can download and print your temporary food handlers permit while the permanent one is mailed to you. 

With the following benefits, Easy Food Handlers is the best way to get your Utah Food handlers Permit


  • Experienced Training Instructor with a decade of experience in the Hospitality industry
  • Real-life photos and examples
  • Industry-related examples for easy understanding
  • Get a temporary permit within 90 mins of watching the course
  • Three attempts for exam clearing
  • Accepted everywhere in Utah
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