Dirty Pictures


Here’s a gallery of actual photos taken at real establishments. Click each photo for a better look and a description.

Alto Sham (meat warmer) and food containers being stored in the bathroom.

Baby bath tub in the 3-compartment sink. Do you want a poopy baby bum where your lettuce is being prepared?

Shoe polish resting on plastic utensils.

Cockroach in the kitchen. Most roaches in Utah are little German cockroaches. This was one of many big Oriental cockroaches, and they were crawling out of the floor drain.

This is a very dirty floor under the cookline in the kitchen. In the middle is one dead mouse.

Multiple dead mice under the cookline in the kitchen. The mice were all at different stages of decay. The owner remarked that it was in the middle of the lunch rush and there was no time to clean up the mice.

Food being stored in the dumpster area. This restaurant was having a difficult time cooling food properly. Their solution to the problem was to hide the food from the health inspector.

Wouldn’t you want your meat thawed in the dumpster area?

This is a very dirty floor under the cookline in the kitchen. In the middle is one dead mouse.

Noodles being stored in a laundry basket, at an unsafe temperature and covered with dirty clothes!

The owner was living in the yogurt shop.

Wouldn’t you want your meat thawed in the dumpster area?

The owner of a yogurt shop was bathing in the 3-compartment sink. There was no sanitizer onsite and the owner did not know what sanitizing was.

The yogurt shop owner also had his dog living in the kitchen with him.

A pet snail (named Gary) living in the kitchen of a snow cone shack. The server would touch the snail, not wash her hands, and then prepare snow cones.

Noodles being prepared in the mop sink.

Cooked rice being stored in the mop sink.

Disgusting ice machine.

Turtles from Petco living in the kitchen.

Fresh meat. This is one of the most horrid thing we have come across.

Old moldy food. Is it Easter stew?

Moldy Crème Brule. The employee was putting sugar on top and caramelizing to hide the mold.

Chemicals being stored in the walk-in above lettuce.

Sweetened condensed milk being stored in a Windex bottle and was being sprayed on snow cones for small children.

Forks being stored in back pocket.

Cockroach in a mixer bowl. The employee just dumped it out and continued using the bowl to make sauce.

Chicken thawing in the handwashing sink.

Potatoes being washed in the dishwasher.

Potato boxes used to store meat.

Cement mixer used to make chicken.

Bits of chicken in the cement mixer.

Old chicken, it was not even solid, it was purple and slimy, the cook was using the chicken and serving it to customers.

Toilet wrapped in plastic wrap so the bathroom could be used as storage.

Dusty/dirty walk-In cooler ceiling.

Sleeping in the kitchen.

Sheep legs; further evidence of slaughtering sheep in the parking lot at the establishment.

Food being prepared in a dirty mop sink. Look at the dirty mop.

A toothbrush being stored alongside cooking knives.

Toothpaste along with cooking items.

Dirty cloth used to clean work preparation surfaces.

Bloody cardboard in the walk-in.