Alcohol Permit in Utah

What Certifications Do You Need to Serve Alcohol in Utah?

To serve alcohol and alcoholic beverages within your business, you should get a license from the Alcohol Permit Utah Department and the Division of Alcohol Beverage Control. They will need a signed consent form from the City of Utah and will also need a copy of your business license certificate.

Alcohol training is a vital way to understand responsible alcohol service, signs of intoxication, identify minors, and learn other skills. Passing the alcohol server exam is a regulation of server law in Utah; it requires you to have a certificate within 30 days when an approved alcohol provider hires you.

The main reason one should get the Utah Alcohol Certification training is to help alcohol servers and sellers get into the workforce. The servers will work with the required alcohol server information per the state of Utah’s specifications.

Types of Server Certifications and Permits

The following are the types of Utah alcohol server certification and permits that one should obtain before they can provide alcohol service:


  • The Off-Premise Permit-

    This is also known as a server certificate for alcohol or to eliminate alcohol sales to youth. Alcohol training is required for staff who want to sell alcoholic beverages to their consumers to consume them away from the site, such as liquor stores, convenience stores, and other outlets.



  • The On-Premise Permit- This permit is for individuals who want to sell and serve alcohol to their customers at their establishments. For instance, bars, taverns, restaurants, and other outlets that sell food and beverages. The server certification is a requirement in Utah for managers, supervisor bartenders, servers, and sellers of alcoholic beverages.


  • Concessions- This training program focuses on concerns about alcohol served at stadiums, festivals, arenas, and concerts where you serve alcohol in plastic cups. The course involves helping the workers make quick decisions while preventing substance abuse, people with mental health problems, and underage or intoxicated consumers. 


  • Management Training Program- Every manager working in an alcohol retail business who wants to renew their Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control license should undergo a management training program. The course is for business owners and staff that work at a managerial or supervisory level on producing an alcoholic product.

How To Get A Utah Alcohol Server Certificate

The State of Utah requires all staff working in an establishment selling alcohol to complete alcohol training services within 30 days of securing a job and getting a server alcohol certification. You should complete the training with a provider who has approval from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

To get on-premises and off-premises Utah alcohol server training certificates faster, you can take an online course as it is the best way. You can even get a temporary certificate of completion when you finish and pass your final exam.

Alcohol Server Certification

The State of Utah law requires that the training of on-premise alcohol servers and sales take three hours and the training of off-premise alcohol servers takes one hour. You can study and access the self-paced online course around the clock.

When you complete the training, your provider will issue you a certificate of completion. You should print it and give it to your employer as temporary proof of training.

Your training provider will notify the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in Utah that you have completed the course and will process your permit card. You will have to print the card from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control portal.

At the end of the training, you will have:

  • Have an understanding of the effects of alcohol on the body.

  • Learn to recognize bad situations when serving alcohol.

  • Learn about all the alcohol service laws in Utah.

  • Learn how to refuse service or slow down.

  • Practice key alcohol serving techniques.

Why You Should Take Alcohol Server Training in Utah

There are rules and regulations for those who wish to serve alcoholic beverages to their customers in the state of Utah. You can only sell and serve alcohol legally when you obtain an alcohol certification through on-premises training or manager training.

The training programs are designed to educate people planning to serve and dispense alcohol in the state of Utah on the necessary safety standards. The servers and sellers of alcohol should have the appropriate training to recognize unlawful purchasing or intoxication.

Your employer and you can avoid legal violations and their consequences if you learn and understand the alcohol laws of the state of Utah. For instance, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has harsh penalties, especially if you sell and serve beer and wine to underage customers.

Learning the responsibilities of selling and serving alcohol can help you ensure that you serve alcoholic beverages safely and securely to the public by preventing drunk driving. Many people lose their lives in road crashes that involve drunk drivers in the state of Utah.



  1. How long does the alcohol server training last?

The On-premises alcoholic beverage training will expire three years from the date it was issued. It is possible to eliminate alcohol sales to youths for up to five years from the date it was issued.


  1. What kinds of jobs can I get after completing my on-premises alcohol training?

It will depend on the training you want to take. For instance, on and off-premise alcohol training can qualify you to work in non-managerial positions in outlets where they have a license to sell alcohol off the site. For instance, you can work as a sales clerk in a convenience store.

You can sell and serve alcohol in places where customers can consume it on-site, such as bars and hotels. Then you will need to complete an on-premises server training course.


Do You Want to Learn More About the Certifications You Need to Serve Alcohol in Utah? Welcome to Easy Alcohol Permit

Alcohol Server Permit

On-premise alcohol training is crucial to help workers recognize intoxication, discover underage customers, and check their IDs. You will learn Utah’s server laws and other vital skills to help servers keep their customers and their places of work safe and secure. 

Whether you want to begin a new job or require a Utah alcohol certification at your place of work, you can acquire your certificate by taking the online course only. For more information, contact Easy Food Handlers or call 435-631-9942 to book an appointment today.

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