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If you lost your permanent 3-year permit and need a new one, you must call the health department in the county where you lived when originally took the class.

Here is a list of all the County Health Departments in Utah:

Easy Food Handlers submits all passed tests to the county health departments within 2-6 days after you pass the test. You should receive your permanent permits from your county’s health department well before the 30 day expiration of your temporary permit. If you have not received it, most likely it is because the US Mail returned it to the health department with an incomplete or incorrect address that was input in your user profile.

You can either call the health department directly to see if it was returned or you can fill out this form. We will help you track your permit. Please make certain your temporary permit says Easy Food Handlers, as there are many different providers who offer online classes.

If you did not receive your permit from Easy Food Handlers, please contact the provider listed on your temporary permit.

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